Oilfield Equipment Australia

Suppliers of steel pipe and oilfield equipment nationally. Large Diameter Heavy Wall Line Pipe, Drill Pipe, Dewatering Pipe, Slotted Pipe, Floatation hose, Drill Collars, Oilfield Casing and Tubing

Oilfield Traders Australia (OTA) have been specialising in the procurement and supply of oilfield equipment and steel pipe for many years. Our broad range of products include Large Diameter Heavy Wall Line Pipe, Drill Pipe, Dewatering Pipe, Slotted Pipe, Floatation Pipe, Drill Collars, Oilfield Casing and Tubing.

With our equipment and expertise, our refurbished casing range is extensive and should be a must for consideration.

The relationships we’ve built with our clients have been based around mutual solutions, ongoing respect and superior service quality. Our network has grown as a result of this being a core element of our processes.

With stock holdings nationally, our stock is ideally suited for the following:

  • Marine Piling
  • Refurbished casing
  • Floatation hose, delivery and dredging
  • Mineral and exploration drilling
  • Fabrication
  • Chrome tubing and casing for sour grounds
  • Buttress thread
  • Used drill collars
  • Run and Recovered casing and tubing

Please take the time to look through our services and product tabs and contact us if you believe we may be able to assist.


OTA slotted casing 4

13-3/8 BTC, 54.50PPF, K55, R1 Slotted 2mm

Oilfield Traders Australia:  Our slotted casing is made to order and of expert quality.  Perfectly suited for De-watering within.

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OTA proppant

Proppant CARBO LITE 20/40 Mesh

All new, stored inside warehouse from arrival. 78 x 3200 lb bulka bags Carbo Lite 20/40 mesh. Proppant without.

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Steel casing

5″ BTC 13.00PPF K55 R3 c/w Material Certification

170 joints of 5″ Buttress, 13.00PPF, K55, R3.  

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