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Oilfield Traders Australia provides support to the Oilfield & Mining industries from land leasing, 3rd party logistics provisions and boiler-making.

All within our boundaries, general industrial zoned.

Ex works: Bibra Lake, Perth.

mining resource storage

Oilfield Traders Australia provides complete 3rd party logistics 3PL Solutions provided to International Lubricant Distributors (ILD) by Oilfield Traders Australia.
Bulk Tanks & Pallet stock on hand in Perth at OTA.

  • Inventory management
  • Management of bulk product/s In – Out
  • Rotation of stock

Oilfield Traders Australia Forklift fleet all located in Bibra Lake WA Perth.

  • 6 tonne Hyster 2009- 7 tonne Hyster 2009
  • 2 ½ tonne container mast Hyster 2009
  • 16 tonne Hyster
  • 7 tonne Nissan- 5 tonne Nissan
  • 2 ½ High mast KomatsuOther

Company owned assets

  • 950 Caterpillar Front End Loader
  • Comp air 375 CFM compressor
  • Pumps Australia 10,000 psi water blaster
  • 10,000ltr Water Tank c/w pump
pipes in shipping container

Huge volumes of scrap tubing, casing, line pipe available upon request.

Cutting, loading, shipping.


man servicing pipes
  • We always work towards No Spill to Ground.
  • All cleaning of threads (pin – box) always completed in a safe timely manner.
  • Casing, Tubing & Drill pipe is laid out on inspection racks where numerous tasks can be completed.
  • OTA use a 3rd party inspection company to complete inspections to API.
  • Drifting, Cleaning, Compressed Air, Doping, Stencilling, Overall Tally and Electronic Data collation all completed by OTA.
  • Carbon free brushes and belts available for linishing and cleaning of Chrome.
pipes in stock yard

Oilfield Traders Australia owns and manages a 30,000 sq metre block.  We can offer you a number of options to assist with your hard stand lease requirements.

  • Material lifting equipment and labour resources in place.
  • 900 sq metre warehouse with 15 tonne gantry.
  • Fully equipment mechanical workshop.
  • Access to high volumes of air water and power.
  • Office areas with wireless internet.
  • We can cater for those projects many can’t handle.
  • Contact us today for short and longer term options.
oil warehouse and workspace

OTA has trained staff to complete the loading of shipment containers.

  • With the material lifting equipment on hand this is done in a safe and prompt working manner.
  • From breaking down and disposing of crates and packaging to cleaning of threads for 3rd inspection.
  • Collating of data (overall lengths and casing & tubing identification etc).
  • All can be done with minimal notice and fuss.
  • With our network of friends and 3rd party contractors, we can help with tasks from Crane Hire & Trucking to Procurement.
bobcat transporting pipe

Oilfield Traders Australia has been expertly refurbishing all sizes of steel pipe and casing for many years.

Our linishing, coating and complete cleaning capabilities have provided our clients with an excellent way of maintaining the integrity of their pipe and preventative maintenance, whilst also offering alternatives to purchasing new stock.

Many of our clients engage OTA in order to prepare their tubing or casing to ensure all elements are fit for purpose, resulting in projects being completed more efficiently and to budget.

Our refurbishing service also includes data collation capabilities to assist in loading/transport manifest.

Our onsite fleet includes all equipment necessary for OTA to safely and efficiently complete all unloading/reloading works.  We can also offer the option of organised transport.