3rd Party Logistics


Oilfield Traders Australia Forklift fleet all located in Bibra Lake WA Perth.

  • 6 tonne Hyster 2009- 7 tonne Hyster 2009
  • 2 ½ tonne container mast Hyster 2009
  • 16 tonne Hyster
  • 7 tonne Nissan- 5 tonne Nissan
  • 2 ½ High mast KomatsuOther

Company owned assets

  • 950 Caterpillar Front End Loader
  • Comp air 375 CFM compressor
  • Pumps Australia 10,000 psi water blaster
  • 10,000ltr Water Tank c/w pump
man servicing pipes
  • We always work towards No Spill to Ground.
  • All cleaning of threads (pin – box) always completed in a safe timely manner.
  • Casing, Tubing & Drill pipe is laid out on inspection racks where numerous tasks can be completed.
  • OTA use a 3rd party inspection company to complete inspections to API.
  • Drifting, Cleaning, Compressed Air, Doping, Stencilling, Overall Tally and Electronic Data collation all completed by OTA.
  • Carbon free brushes and belts available for linishing and cleaning of Chrome.
pipes in stock yard

Oilfield Traders Australia owns and manages a 30,000 sq metre block.  We can offer you a number of options to assist with your hard stand lease requirements.

  • Material lifting equipment and labour resources in place.
  • 900 sq metre warehouse with 15 tonne gantry.
  • Fully equipment mechanical workshop.
  • Access to high volumes of air water and power.
  • Office areas with wireless internet.
  • We can cater for those projects many can’t handle.
  • Contact us today for short and longer term options.
oil warehouse and workspace

OTA has trained staff to complete the loading of shipment containers.

  • With the material lifting equipment on hand this is done in a safe and prompt working manner.
  • From breaking down and disposing of crates and packaging to cleaning of threads for 3rd inspection.
  • Collating of data (overall lengths and casing & tubing identification etc).
  • All can be done with minimal notice and fuss.
  • With our network of friends and 3rd party contractors, we can help with tasks from Crane Hire & Trucking to Procurement.