Understanding Oil Rigging And Drilling

Think of an oil drilling nation and the next thing likely to cross your mind is how rich the nation could be. People simply forget or ignore the whole oil drilling process. That can be excuses given than only a handful of people know and appreciate what oil drilling is all about. It takes time, skill and of course, patience. But over and beyond these two factors lay one other important factor – equipment. You cannot in any way write off how important use of relevant oil drilling equipment is. You must however understand how oil drilling is planned and executed before you can appreciate the oil drilling equipment. Read on to learn more!

Oil Rigging

The Process

There are two types of oil drilling – off shore and on shore. Off shore happens on water bodies while on shore happens on land. The latter process is what should concern you for now.  The process begins by exploration. Geologists and oil experts simply explore places that have the potential to have oil reserves. Some of the equipment they use include gravity meters, GPS tracking devices, satellite images and magnometers. Electronic noses referred to as sniffers may also be used to detect the scent of crude oil lying meters beneath the ground.

Oil Drilling

Land Preparation

This is where real work begins. It is where highly advanced and oil drilling equipment come into the picture. Land is first leveled before the actual drilling can be done. But before then, geologists must have sufficient power, fuel and water supply. They may be forced to work overnight until the ground is properly prepared.


Rigging takes time and calls for both patience and caution. The rig must first be placed on the site. Holes are then prepared well before proper rigging can begin. A large drilling hole is first dug. Then around the large hole, a few other pits must also be dug. A rectangular hole referred to as cellar must also be dug near the actual drilling hole. It will then be used by engineers and workers to keep all drilling accessories. Later on, the oil rig will be set up inside all holes and proper drilling will commence.

Oil Drilling


It is a long process that starts with placing the drill bit and the drill collar inside the main hole. The Kelly and the turntable are then attached to the main hole. This makes drilling easy and quick. Kelly is a 4 to 6 sided pipe used or transferring the rotary motion to the turntable. This is made possible by a drilling string attached to the casing and collar. The turntable is used to kick start a continuous rotating motion to the kelly with the help of strong electric motors. All these processes are put in place to work until oil is found. Once it is found, pumping begins, which is an entirely new process.

Point To Note

Oil rigging and drilling are sophisticated processes as already explained. The type of machines and equipment used are also expensive. However, it’s possible that you will find some oilfield traders in Australia that lease all of the aforementioned equipment.